How A Random Conversation Led Me To Shop Tactical Bags And Packs

Whether my adventures take me to the sea or into the mountains, I need to have my reliable outdoor equipment by my side. I got a great backpack that is meant to be taken on extended outdoor voyages. I got the backpack after realizing that a good outdoor backpack feels like it weighs nothing and actually is super-comfortable on your back.

I was on a short daytime hike with my brother and my family and I decided to try carrying his backpack on a whim. We were talking about the waist strap on his backpack and how small my brother’s waist was, then comparing waist sizes by wearing the strap. (Of course, all of us are obsessed with being as fit as possible). Comparing waist sizes led me to putting my brother’s backpack on to make sure I could fit into his waist strap.

When I put my brother’s backpack on, I forgot all about the waist strap that had originally started the conversation. I felt almost like I wasn’t wearing a backpack at all. All I could focus on was how light and comfortable the backpack felt and how amazing that was, given how much he had in it. I finally realized how he manages to do those hard treks with a bunch of stuff on his back. I immediately decided to shop tactical bags and packs for my own staple. Now, I can hike in comfort just like my brother (and have a waist strap perfectly sized for me).